Our distinctive research and policy studies are focused on advancing higher education.
We provide policy analysis and research to education leaders, policymakers, and researchers to strengthen connections between segments of the enterprise in an effort to increase and reclaim college access for all.
We help college and university leaders, researchers, and policymakers recast their thinking to formulate creative, enterprising ideas about how to reverse current trends and restore college affordability.
We identify ways for today’s higher education enterprise to meet employer expectations and societal needs—while fostering a sense of common concern for the world’s most pressing issues. Reframing engagement matters.
We apply collaborative research and policy to improve the ever-evolving quality of the education experience for faculty, staff, students, and the communities in which we live and work.
The Ohio State University’s Center for Higher Education Enterprise (CHEE) strives to make change.
2017 Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs
The 2017 Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs is a study conducted by CHEE in conjunction with Diverse Issues in Higher Education and American College Personnel Association (ACPA).
Trending Topics
Contemporary commentary on higher education topics.
Who We Are
We exist to advance the higher education enterprise through the creation and dissemination of distinctive research that informs policy, strengthens communities and enables student success.



CHEE PollsPolls

Our polls are geared to help generate conversation and raise awareness inside postsecondary education environments that might not otherwise be discussed.


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